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www.procon.orgIs Abortion Murder?Abortion is murder. First,

www.procon.orgIs Abortion Murder?Abortion is murder. First, abortion causes psychological problems. Second, abortion may lead to future medical problems for the mother. Last, abortion violates the unborn child’s right to life.’You’re Golden Pony Boy!’ 50 Points’Ahhh, This Is What It’s Like To Read A College Paper!’ 40 Points’I Think We Got A Live One Here!’ 30 Points’I Was Being Lazy And Didn’t Proofread’ 20 Points’Why Didn’t I Use The Template?’ 10 Points’My Paper Stinks!’0 PointsCover Page1.) Running head & ABBREVIATED TITLE2.) Page Number – Top Right location3.)Center:- Original Title- First/Last Name- Institution4.) Capitalization: -four or more = YES-three or less = NO5.) Title is in the form of a questionEvidence of 4Evidence of 3Evidence of 2Evidence of 1Evidence of 0Title1.) Rewrite the Title from your Cover Page2.) Sentence 1: You answer your Title’s Question3.) Four sentences only4.) Three simple transitions:- First- Second or Next- Third or Last or Finally5.) Sentence 2, 3, 4: Are your three Topic SentencesEvidence of 4Evidence of 3Evidence of 2Evidence of 1Evidence of 0Body: ‘They Say, I Say’1.) 1 Introducing Standard View/Topic Sentence 1,2,3 – Total 32.) 1 Introducing an Ongoing Debate/Topic Sentence 1,2,3 – Total 33.) 3 – Using a Quotation/Topic Sentence 1,2,3 – Total 94.) 3 – Explaining a Quotation: Topic Sentence 1,2,3 – Total 95.) 3 – Establishing Why It Matters: Topic Sentence 1,2,3 – Total 3Evidence of 4Evidence of 3Evidence of 2Evidence of 1Evidence of 0APA: Citation- In-Text- Complete1.) Uses Signal Phrases: – According to 2.) Uses author’s last name:- According to Jones3.) Uses publication year in parentheses:- According to Jones (2018)3.) Uses beginning and end quotation marks:According to Jones (2018) ‘Proper citation depends on your preferred or required style manual.’4.) Uses complete in-text citation:According to Jones (2018), ‘Proper citation depends on your preferred or required style manual.’ (How to Cite in Bibliographies, para 1)5.) Uses APA formatting for References (2016, February 18). Gun Control Retrieved from http://guncontrol.procon.orgEvidence of 4Evidence of 3Evidence of 2Evidence of 1Evidence of 0Conclusion1.) Lead with a They Say, I Say transition: Introducing Standard View- uses quote from www.procon.org2.) Relevant to Topic and Topic Sentences3.) Does not directly restate content from Topic Sentences and Body4.) Level I – APA format5.) They Say, I Say transitions – Establishing Why Your Claims Matter (i.e., Why should I care about this argument?)- uses quotes from www.procon.orgEvidence of 4Evidence of 3Evidence of 2Evidence of 1Evidence of 0Quality of Writing1.) Uses proper Spelling, Punctuation, & Capitalization2.) Uses Academic Language: – no slang- no curse words- avoids using pronouns- avoids 1st person voice: ‘I’ and ‘In my opinion’ statements3.) Grammar: Subject/Verb agreement4.) Logical & Organized thoughts5.) Uses at least 10 Transition Words from They Say, I SayEvidence of 4Evidence of 3Evidence of 2Evidence of 1Evidence of 0 Print Rubric Copy RubricQuick Rubric URL:…Sentence Templates + TransitionsDerived from Graff and Birkenstein’s crazy-helpful They Say, I Say(Want to edit this doc? Go to File > Make a Copy, and it’s all yours! Dave cannot respond to Share requests — my apologies!)Remember: the templates below are meant to “be direct with [you] about the key rhetorical moves that [critical thinking] comprises” (Graff & Birkenstein, 2010). Think of them as moves in a video game or a sport–the better we get at the game or sport, the more comfortable we get with knowing when and how to use a move best. With that said, play around with these, notice how they are used in the writings of others, and determine that you will grow as an arguer this year. And remember this, too: argument is hard, and hard means we get to grow rapidly if we dare to go all in. Introducing What an Author Says X acknowledges that _____________.X agrees that _____________.X argues that _____________.X believes that _____________.X denies/does not deny that _____________.X claims that _____________.X complains that _____________.X concedes that _____________.X demonstrates that _____________.X celebrates the fact that _____________.X insists that _____________.X questions whether _____________.X reminds us that _____________.X reports that _____________.X suggests that _____________. Introducing “Standard Views” Americans today tend to believe that ______________.Common sense seems to say that _________________. It is often said that __________________.Many people assume that ______________. In discussions of __________, one controversial issue has been ____________. On the one hand, ______________ argues __________________. On the other hand, ______________ opposes _____________. Others even believe ______________. My own view is ______________.When it comes to the topic of ________, most of us will readily agree that __________. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of _____________. While some are convinced that _____________, others believe that _____________.Introducing an Ongoing Debate Using a Quotation (i.e., Backing up your argument with proof)X states, “_______” ( ).Example: Standage states, “Some [drinks] have served to highlight the power and status of the elite” (2).According to X, “____” ( ).X himself writes, “_______” ( ).In his book, ______________, X maintains that “________” ( ).Writing in the magazine ________, X complains that “____________” ( ).X agrees when she writes, “_____” ( ).Explaining a Quotation (i.e., Showing that you understand what the quote says)Basically, X is saying _______.In other words, X believes ____________.In making this comment, X urges us to ________.X’s point is that _________.The essence of X’s argument is that _____________.Naming Your Naysayers or Opponents (i.e., Introducing your rebuttal)Here many ____________ would probably object that _______.Of course, ____________s would certainly take issue with the argument that ________.___________s, of course, may want to question whether ______________.Nevertheless, critics of _________ will probably argue that ______________.Although not all _____________s think alike, some of them will probably dispute my claim that ______________.Making a Concession (i.e., They have a point, BUT…)Admittedly, ___________.Proponents of X are right to argue that ______________. But they are exaggerating when they claim that _____________.Proponents of complex texts are right to argue that reading such material is essential for post-secondary success. But they are exaggerating when they claim that Standage’s book is the only possible complex text for world history students to read.While it is true that __________, it does not necessary follow that _____________.On the one hand, X is right to say ________________. On the other hand, it is still true that _________________. Disagreeing, with Reasons (i.e., They are just wrong)X is mistaken because she overlooks ______________.X’s claim that ____________ rests upon the questionable assumption that __________________.X can’t have it both ways. On the one hand, she argues ___________________. On the other hand, she also says ____________________.By focusing on _______________, X overlooks the deeper problem of ________________.X matters because _____________________.High school matters because it either opens or closes doors into the rest of my life.Although X may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today’s concern over _________________.Although doing homework may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of succeeding in high school and developing my brain.Ultimately, what is at stake here is ________________________.Ultimately, what is at stake here is my lifelong flourishing; being lazy now means being unhappy for decades.Although X may seem of concern to only a small group of _________________, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about ________________.Although high school may seem of concern to only a small group of nerdy students, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about having an enjoyable life. Establishing Why Your Claims Matter (i.e., Why should I care about this argument?)*This is great clincher material*TransitionsFor ADDING IDEAS:also another in fact equally important moreoverfurthermore additionally indeed in addition For MAKING A CONTRAST:however nevertheless although conversely on the contrary notwithstanding even though all the same on the other hand by contrast nonethelessFor COMPARING:likewise equally along the same linessimilarly in comparison in the same way For CITING AN EXAMPLE:for example in other words in factfor instance specifically after allas an illustration consider For SHOWING RESULTS:accordingly hence consequentlyas a result thus therefore For REINFORCING AN IDEA:especially important above all most noteworthyespecially relevant a significant factor most of all For ELABORATING (expanding upon a point):actually by extension to put it another wayto put it bluntly in short to put it succinctlyin other words ultimately basicallyFor CONCEDING A POINT:admittedly of course although it is true thatnaturally granted to be sureFor CONCLUDING:clearly hence consequentlyobviously therefore thusin short all in all

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