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WK6 CT: Materials Handling JHAAttached Files: OPEN THIS GUI

WK6 CT: Materials Handling JHAAttached Files: OPEN THIS GUIDE FOR JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS pdf and feel the chart QUESTION 1 Guide_for_a_Job_Safety_Analysis.pdf (173.571 KTen Videos of Forklift Accidents -Informational Purposes OnlyWatch VideoTen Videos of Forklift Accidents That Show Why Training Is So ImportantDuration: 4:52 User: n/a – Added: 5/30/17Warehouse health and safety hazardsWatch VideoWarehouse health and safety hazardsDuration: 4:29 Breaking of rig anchor chain – Informational Purposes OnlyWatch VideoBreaking of rig anchor chain.Duration: 0:52 User: n/a – Added: 10/14/11 QUESTION 2Watch the Warehouse Health and Safety Hazards video and discuss four of the hazards found in the video.

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