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“Where Are you going where have you been?”Literacy inter

“Where Are you going where have you been?”Literacy interpretationNO PLAGIARISM. You have to find all your information through a database that i will provide.Story Link Mla format, 7 sources, work cited page1,000- 1,200 words not including work cited pageDirections: Pick ONE of these topics to do a literacy interpretation Topics for “Where Are You Going?” Is Arnold Friend a demonic character or a human predator? The ending of the story: what happens to Connie? What behaviors in Connie’s life expose her to a predator like Arnold Friend? Compare/contrast Connie and June. What two different realities do they represent? The role of music in Connie’s life. How does music alter Connie’s behavior?For the thesis statement:Avoid: I will focus on, the subject of my essay is, I want to discuss. NO ANNOUNCEMENTSUse these words for the thesis: Develops, creates, dramatizes, symbolizes, represents. Exemplifies, portrays, reveals, suggests, and culture.In the thesis, be sure to mention the specific focus/topic and to make a point about what it means or represents.

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