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————————————–| Week 6 Forum Discuss

————————————–| Week 6 Forum Discussion |————————————–We have been learning a lot about solar energy this week! What is another form of renewable energy in which you are interested? What can you tell us about it?300 – 500 words————————————–| Week 7 |————————————–Complete the following attached PDF filesFault Maps.pdfPlate_Boundaries_and_Earthquakes.pdf – Note from the professor: ‘There is also a updated map that has a legend item to illustrate the distance from the plate boundary, (in one of the attached files)’Plate_Boundaries_and_Earthquakes_update.pdf – I don’t know if the above file is the same exact file, just a updated map?.————————————–| END OF ASSIGNMENTS |————————————–Thank You So Much!

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