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Research Paper

Research Paper

Write a research-based paper on a topic of your choice using material drawn from your own research. Your paper must be at least a full six pages in length (not including references or title page) but not longer than seven pages, with references to at least six sources from database and library research; it must follow either the MLA or APA documentation system, depending on topic.
To begin, survey and consider arguable topics. There are a number of places that can provide topic ideas, including SIRS Issues Researcher and Harper’s Index. After you have selected a topic, you should locate and read more articles than you will need. You should remain open minded to learn more about the topic before you settle on a position regarding it. Then draft a specific thesis statement/claim related to that topic. This should be an arguable claim that might or might not be directly related to the specific claim of one or more of the articles you have selected.
The focus of your paper should be the argument that you are making. It generally should not be necessary to summarize the entire articles that you bring in, only what we need to know about them. The idea is to use them to enter into a conversation with them. Utilize quotes and paraphrases that support or refute your contention. For this paper, I want you to limit electronic sources to those found through the library databases (not through Google searches). You can also find other articles and/or books through our library or through interlibrary loan. I definitely want your articles to be scholarly, not popular, though. It is best to have some variety in source type (articles and books); therefore, you need at least two book sources.
As noted above, you should certainly begin with a thesis and plan an outline before you start drafting. For this paper, you will submit a proposal (due Nov. 11). Consult your text on MLA style (pp. 500-539) or APA style (pp. 549-578). APA requires a title page; note that you do not need an abstract, though. You will not be able to write a successful paper at the last minute; begin reading and annotating sources now.
In addition to your proposal, you will also complete a bibliography, or list of any source that you consulted, for this paper. It will essentially become the references page for your paper, except that the bibliography will include anything you consult, whereas your references page will include only those sources that are mentioned in your paper. Lastly, carefully observe proper practices concerning quoting and paraphrasing. To do so incorrectly can result in plagiarism, and therefore result in a failing grade for the course.

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