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Project Required – 100% Original And A+ Work With All Instructions Followed. 20 Hours

Project Required – 100% Original And A+ Work With All Instructions Followed. 20 Hours

Writeup + Power Point Presentation Needed (12 Mins approx)
This project is intended to orient you to the human factors issues and methods associated with your prospective career area. I’d like to see you explore where and how the field of human factors impacts an industry or professional field or product that’s important to you. 

· A description of your topic and how you might eventually become involved with it (or the industry that it comes from) following graduation
· The role that the product plays in society or for a particular customer base
· Who uses the product, and how
Human Factors Methods
· Who is responsible for human factors in product design or support
· Where does human factors engineering occur – design, manufacture, test and evaluation, etc.
· What methods are used – research studies, user evaluations, analytical design methods, etc.
Discussion and Conclusions
· Industry assessment of the importance of human factors
· Your assessment of the human factors methods you’ve uncovered

Report should be 9 – 10 pages, including illustrations and references
1. Choose your topic. Check into it enough to confirm that you can either find enough written material and/or talk with people in the industry you’re exploring.
My Topic will be about human factors in the medical healthcare, specifically talking about the different medical devices.
2. See me. I need to know what you’re doing and make sure that you’ll have enough resources to finish your project
3. Complete your investigation. Let me know anytime you’re having difficulties and we can refocus to keep you moving forward
4. Write your report

10% Focus – do you have a clear idea of what you’re looking at?
15% Depth of research – did you exhaust the resources surrounding your topic?
25% Clarity and organization – do you have a logical presentation of topics and ideas? Is your report complete? Does it contain explicit conclusions? Is it grammatically correct?
25% Understanding of human factors practice – can you place your results into a larger pattern of HF work? Can you identify strong and weak points in the professional methods you found? Do you have an informed opinion about how HF methods could be better applied to your area?
25% Presentation to class

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