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When we produce corn for the production of bioethanol, many issues result. The food industry competes for corn causing environmental degradation with overuse of lands, soil nutrient content degradation, and promotes deforestation for increased farmland. Instead, biodiesel is a more environmentally conscious and profitable source of renewable, clean energy. The best way to obtain biodiesel is oils from algae. Other oils can also be used such as soy, peanut, canola, waste vegetable, and animal byproducts. Algae is the most recent and innovative source of biodiesel thus far. Algae can be easily grown taking up excess carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other chemicals within the waterways for growth. Algae grows extremely fast and in small spaces. The drawbacks to biodiesel can be easily addressed. For example, the glycerin waste can be used as a feedstock for biogas.
Overall, biodiesel is a better option than bioethanol due to the feedstock of algae not competing with food industries, and the waste product of glycerin can be used as a feedstock for other sources of energy production such as biogas.

Biomass is plant or algae products like crop waste, food residue, micro algae, and urban wood waste that is used for energy production. Biomass can be converted into liquid fuel and used as a substitute for gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel. This liquid form of biofuel is used mostly to replace ethanol-based transportation fuels. Biomass can also replace carbon in some instances, by burning the biomass instead of burning coal. Biomass can also be used to replace raw materials like plastic and cardboards using the biomass. Biomass is a renewable energy source that can used in many versatile ways. Using biomass to replace many other ethanol or non-renewable energy sources will create a more sustainable economic and social country. It will lower the U.S. dependence on foreign oils, generate US jobs, and revitalize rural job economies. Using biomass would keep an estimated $260 billon dollars in the United States economy and contribute 1.1 million jobs to U.S. economy. Biomass should be considered as one of the top renewable energy sources eligible for federal funding since it is so versatile.

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