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Please answer the following question in assignment attachme

Please answer the following question in assignment attachment regarding Damien (vignette). Heres lists of the required reading from the sections 1-6 that must be included for references (5 to 7 with 2 being outside sources from 2012 to present).Konrad, S. C. (2013). Child and family practice: A relational perspective. Chicago, IL: Lyceum. Chapter 4(pp. 63–91). (review of article read for SOWK 609)Van Hook, M. P. (2014). Social work practice with families: A resiliency based approach. Chicago, IL:Lyceum. Chapter 2 Setting the Stage for Work with Families: Development of the TherapeuticAlliance, pp. 50–63 and Chapter 3 Assessment of Families, pp. 64–108Boris, N. W. (2009). Parental substance use. In C. H. Zeanah Jr. (Ed.), Handbook of infant mental health(3rd ed., pp. 171–179). New York, NY: Guilford Press.Goodman, S. H., & Brand, S. R. (2009). Infants of depressed mothers: Vulnerabilities, risk factors andprotective factors for the later development of psychopathology. In C. H. Zeanah Jr. (Ed.),Handbook of infant mental health (3rd ed., pp. 153–170). New York, NY: Guilford Press.Nix, C. M., & Ansermet, F. (2009). Prematurity, risk factors, and protective factors. In C. H. Zeanah Jr.(Ed.), Handbook of infant mental health (3rd ed., pp. 214–229). New York, NY: Guilford Press.Weisz, J. R., & Kazdin, A. E. (Eds.). (2017). Evidence-based psychotherapies for children andadolescents (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Guilford Press. Huey Jr. S.J., & Polo, A. (2017). Evidence-Based Psychotherapies with Ethnic Minority Childrenand Adolescents. In J. R. Weisz & A. E. Kazdin (Eds.), Evidenced-basedpsychotherapies for children and adolescents (3rd ed. pp. 361-378). New York, NY:Guilford Press.• Kim, H., Munson M., R., & McKay, M. (2012). Engagement in mental health treatment amongadolescents and young adults: A systematic review. Child and Adolescence Social Work,29, 241-266.

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