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Paper for kim woods

Paper for kim woods

You are working as a school counselor in an elementary school in a rural community. You also sit on the City Council and are involved in your local faith-based community. As such, you know most people in the community.
You have instituted an abuse prevention program for the school, including a component with a series of books and skits. After one of your presentations, you are referred to twins, Jonah and Joann. The children are in fifth grade and have been referred to you after repeatedly showing up at school in the late spring unkempt and wearing long-sleeved shirts, despite the heat and lack of air conditioning in the school. At recess, their teacher notices a series of bruises on their arms. The teacher, Ms. Jones, makes a referral to you, saying, “I always knew there was a problem with the Johnson twins, but no one dares say anything because of how mean their father is.”
After some discussion with the children, they disclose that they sometimes get hit or grabbed if they are bad. You see bruises and know you must file a report but are concerned about what will happen to the children afterward. Their father has a reputation around town of threatening people, and you’re worried about what may happen to both you and the children following the report.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, based on the case presented above, on prevention methods and interventions in different settings.
Include the following in your paper:

What are the primary interventions and methods human service professionals use to prevent child abuse and neglect in a family setting?
What are the primary interventions and methods human service professionals use to prevent child abuse and neglect in a school setting?
What ethical issues arise from working with children in school settings? What other factors must be considered?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Include at least 3 references at least 2 scholarly sources

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