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MBA Project – Republic Bank Limited (see purpose of research in Project statement)

MBA Project – Republic Bank Limited (see purpose of research in Project statement)

Word limit: 4500 words (+/- 10%) 
25 References Minimum

The broad structure and key sections of the project report are:

Title page
Executive summary
Table of Contents

Literature review
Research methodology

Case study method
Data collection

Presentation of findings

Analysing the data
Reflection on findings and implications

Conclusions and recommendations

Project Statement
The case organisation, Republic Bank Limited (RBL), is formally known as the Colonial Bank and has proven over the years to strive for excellence. This organisation has been in operation for over 180 years and comprises of 15 subsidiaries which are in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Ghana, Guyana, Grenada, and Suriname. There are 2500 staff members Trinidad and Tobago alone. RBL has implemented various strategies to help develop the long-term direction of the company. The company’s strategies are linked to the organisations’ vision, mission statements and their core values. This organisation also has multiple products and services to offer the members of the public which encompasses of different accounts, loans and finances. 
Project Topic
Fraudulent activities which targets financial institutions has been on the increase both locally and internationally and unfortunately, Republic Bank Limited is no exception. For the period October 2013 to date, there has been an increased level of fraudulent activity at RBL (RBL 2017). Some of the activities has been perpetrated by people external from the entity, others by close employees within the bank. 
In addition, the main issue over the years at Republic Bank Limited, deception has been proven to be a major issue that the company has been forced to face. Fraudulent activities involving employees strikes at the heart of RBL’s core value (integrity) and is inimical to the best interest of the bank’s stakeholders. These occurrences are of grave concern to the Executive Management Team and The Board of Directors. Thus, the end result damages the bank’s overall reputation, loss of resources, disruption to service delivery, recruitment and retention issues and a deterioration of income.
Hence, the main challenge currently at RBL, would be to find resources and ideas to terminate most, if not all fraudulent activities from their members of staff nationwide. Theories should be properly enforced as soon as possible before any more occurrences transpire. 
Therefore, some opportunities that RBL should consider is to properly train and develop their current staff members of the relative consequences/penalties and to properly scan their new staff properly through the recruitment process to avoid any possible threats to the organisation.
Purpose of the Research
Henceforth, the purpose of this research is to investigate on how the bank’s employees can have minimal or no involvement in fraudulent activities. Thus, recommendations will be made so members of staff can be aware of the precautions and outcomes of what will happen in the near future. 
Literature Review
The following theories that will be studied in relation to the topic are:
· Reinforcement theory
· Expectancy theory
Research method
The research approach is a case study more specifically a single case study on Republic Bank Limited. Secondary data will be collected from online websites and newspaper articles such as Looptt News, Newsday and The Express.  Some secondary research approaches involve the summary of existing research such as public sources, commercial sources and educational institutions (Stewart & Kamins 1993). These data are all easily accessible to members of the public. Thus, Primary data will not be collected nor examined.

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