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You will Download the Attached Files

You will then Perform all of the indicated calculations and generate the indicated tables/graphs using the spreadsheet software. Save your spreadsheet file with all of your calculations and graphs using a different file name.

You will also Write responses, in full sentences, to the questions in the word document attached. Save your word document with your responses again using a different file name.

You will Attach both files – the spreadsheet and the word document – and submit them using the buttons in this assignment

About the Data

For this assignment, you will use a data set with 47 entries, one for each randomly selected property. The data is in an excel file attached to the assignment. The data were selected as follows:

Data was accessed on 4/7/2019 via search on apartments.com.
Over 500 search results were returned. The 47 selected properties were chosen so that any of the search results were equally likely to be included in the sample.
Data was filtered to include only properties with 2 bedrooms in zip code 60640
(Note that in the worked example, zip code 60612 was selected, which contains Malcolm X College and surrounding properties. Zip code 60640 is located on the north side of the city).

The Questions

Sampling Methods (5 pts):

From what population is this data a sample? What was the frame? (3 pts)
For what other populations might, or might not, this data be representative? (2 pts)
Visualizing the Data and Central Measures (8 pts):

Construct the frequency distribution table with seven classes (3 pts)
Construct the histogram for the frequency distribution table (1 pts)

Describe it as either flat, sloped, concentrated, skewed, or none of these 

Calculate and interpret the mean and the median values 
Measuring spread

Describe the maximum and minimum values 
Calculate the first and third quartiles, and describe the data using these 
Calculate the standard deviation 

Describe the data using the empirical rule

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