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Students are to work individually and prepare a report on a successful new product launch in the European or North American market. It can be a physical product or a service. It can be a completely new product or service or a re-launched one, which however entails a significant element of “newness” for the customer.
In order to achieve that they will need to conduct a literature review on key success factors of new product launches and use that as the basis for their product choice.
This assignment is designed to develop and assess students’ understanding of the key success factors and key challenges related to new product launches in developed economies and stagnated markets in the context of the digital world. The issues to be discussed are: key success factors for the industry, competitive advantage, target market, positioning, product strategy, pricing strategy, communication strategy and distribution strategy.

Through this assignment students will achieve the following learning objectives:
a) Develop their analytical skills.
b) Develop and demonstrate their ability to conduct academic research.
c) Develop and demonstrate their ability to write business reports.
d) Develop an in depth understanding of the fundamental marketing theories.
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