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Letter/Memo Writing

Letter/Memo Writing

Write a memo (use memo format) to your salespeople and a letter (use letter format, including a letterhead) to the coach based on the following scenario. Make up a Cleveland address for your letterhead/letter and a fake telephone number.
You are the manager of Activ8 Sports in Cleveland, Ohio. Activ8 Sports, a regional chain of 19 athletic equipment stores, has headquarters in Detroit. This morning you received a call from a vice president of the company. The corporate office’s social media specialist was doing the usual daily search on Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, etc., for customer comments about Activ8 Sports.
She discovered that several of the salespeople at the Cleveland location were using Twitter to make derogatory comments about a coach at a local high school. The coach, a regular and frequent customer at the store, sometimes appears abrupt and aggressive with the salespeople.
The vice president directed you to “fix this Twitter thing immediately” and implied your job was at risk. You decide to reprimand each of the salespeople in question. You will also issue a memo for their file as an official warnIng with a reminder of the corporate policy that proscribes discussing company business in public, including social media. As the manager of Activ8 Sports, write this memo: try to keep your salespeople cooperative and productive but also make clear that this is their only warning. 
Additionally, as the manager, write a letter of apology to the high school coach before he finds out about the indiscretion of your salespeople. You know that sooner or later he will find out: the comments could easily go viral at the high school. The coach has been a loyal customer, purchasing all uniforms and equipment through your store year after year. You can’t afford to lose his business. As the manager of Activ8 Sports, write a letter to the coach to explain the situation and apologize for the comments of your salespeople on Twitter.

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