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1. There are a few differences that would separate a homegrown extremist from a terrorist, depending on what type of terrorist you are talking about (domestic versus international). For this discussion, I will be comparing homegrown extremists to domestic terrorism Extremists are motivated by similar motives as terrorists like political, and religious, which they believe to be a call to action. When extremists “act” it is carefully performed within their rights as American citizens such as the right to bear arms and to protest believing their purpose is to protect. Terrorists will act without regard to the lives they may impact, the key factor being that they will follow through with inflicting pain or damage. Terrorists inspired by international causes are a prime example of this. They can be desensitized to the people in their own country, even if it is their neighbors. They can be recruited via contact online from international terrorist organizations, being promised something like status. Or they can feel sympathetic for people from the group’s host nation and that identification with them can drive them to “fight for them”.  Psychologically healthy people can often be radicalized into joining violent organizations for the same reasons they go to work, go to church, or even when selecting their friends. For power, money, a sense of elitism, or even just the sense of belonging — which can be categorized by emotional, physical, or social rewards (“A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century”, 2007). These rewards are often the motivator that makes it feel worth it to them, whether they are finding a purpose or a weapon for hire.

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