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** I want to talk about my experience as I am an internation

** I want to talk about my experience as I am an international student in the US and visiting each state. Why is it important and what makes it fun?, explain the differences between the east and west coast and what you learned about them (structures and spacing, climates, costs and more.) You can take a look on what I wrote (not completed) to have a better idea. You can add or remove ideas to the topic. Please make it as simple as possible. Personal Narrative – Description: Describe a significant moment/experience in your life. Most topics are fine, but it is probably better to write about things you are comfortable sharing with the public/acquaintances. Regardless of what you write about, you need to clearly illustrate the experience and express the importance of it to you. This requires highly descriptive writing as well as extensive reflection. You must use MLA formatting. Include the following: ● Description: Use enough description in your writing so that readers can imagine they are there and even get a sense for your thoughts and feelings. ● Organization: You should have the following sections: an introduction (usually no more than 1 paragraph), body (a majority of the writing), and a conclusion (this should bring your thoughts together. Try to smoothly connect sentences and ideas and organize the story into logically connected paragraphs (don’t make them too long or too short! Try to separate your ideas). ● Reflection: You must clearly show that you have contemplated and realized the importance of the experience you are talking about. What that is, is entirely up to you. However, it should be more than a simple factual statement (ex. “Mondays are no fun,” etc. ). ● Formatting: You will follow MLA formatting, but for now you will only need to focus on: name, date, class title, assignment title and basic formatting. Don’t forget a title (you can be creative!)

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