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I need help writing a business research paper on a specific

I need help writing a business research paper on a specific case from my textbook, which is Case: Coping with Financial and Ethical Risks at American International Group (AIG). The prompt is below.Each team will complete a detailed case analysis (twelve to fifteen pages, minimum, plus bibliography), and present its case assessment, analysis, and outside research to the class.RESEARCH To successfully analyze the case, team members must read the case in the text, gather more background information, and conduct research to update information on the company and situation. They may also wish to contact the organization or media sources directly for more information. Their assessment should evaluate what led to the problem/decision issue, how the company reacted, what should have been done to prevent the problem (if corrective measures are needed), how it should prevent such situations in the future (or maintain its current success), and whether the company is on track today. PLEASE get it done on time! I will provide the textbook with the case in it as well as the syllabus linked to this question and any other sources that you can use! BE SURE TO READ THE QUESTION BEFORE BIDDING, THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE WELL. PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE PRESENTATION WORD FOR WORD, LOOK AT THE TEXTBOOK, AND DO WHAT I’VE MENTIONED UNDER THE RESEARCH SECTION IN THIS QUESTION. PLEASE GET IT DONE BY MONDAY 8am EST In the US at the LATEST.A presentation providing background on the case is here as well: https:…

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