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I need a discussion for my week 5 Strategy class and a response to 2 classmates

I need a discussion for my week 5 Strategy class and a response to 2 classmates

While GE is a very successful company, when it comes to the entity of BHGE and spin-off, I would classify this as a profit lagger (3).  The appropriate response, as Sherman indicates for laggards, is to “shrink to grow around defensible core businesses and fix or fold lagging business units” (3).  That is exactly what GE is doing by cutting stakes in Baker Hughes and focusing on making and servicing jet engines (WSJ, 1).  When the merger was first announced, I was very excited about the possibilities of the new company and how it would be great to access much of GE’s innovative processes and products.  However, Sherman teaches us that a “company must go all-in to support its strategy”, meaning that all corporate capabilities must be aligned with the articulation of market-differentiating strategy (3).  That was not the case at BHGE, as new systems were implemented, but there was a lot of confusion and layers of systems upon systems that impeded the speed of business.  Speaking first-hand, our team felt that we became more focused on reporting up and within BHGE, than being accountable and available to our clients.  Had BHGE focused on decisive action in both concept and execution, BHGE could have become a market-leading oilfield services company given its size, market share, the strength of products, turn-key offerings, and experienced workforce (Sherman, 3).  Sherman suggests that a CEO must keep the organization motivated and incentivized to fulfill the strategic direction (3).

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