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****Hello tutor, the paper has already been typed and need s

****Hello tutor, the paper has already been typed and need some new additions and reorganization. Please help by reorganizing paper and including information to match according to the format my instructor is requesting.****(Also see attachments for my paper, assignment instructions, and etc.)Message form my instructor: ‘You did not follow the instructions by answering each of the questions about worldview individually and in an organized manner. If you can resubmit this, please do so before Friday.’ If you redo the worldview essay, you must follow this outline:I. Describe your personal worldview be answering the follow questions. Each question must be numbered, labeled, and in a separate paragraph.12345678910111213II Describe the Christian worldview using the sources from class and from outside sources. Answer each question in a separate labeled and numbered paragraph.12345678910111213III Define the nine philosophies. Each must be labeled and numbered and in a separate paragraph.123456789IV Choose one of the nine philosophies and explain clearly and logically why it is the one that is the best match for your personal worldview in Part IV References

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