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For Part 3 of your course project will be completing the Ra

For Part 3 of your course project will be completing the Rapid Experiment and Implementation areas from the 9-box template. Please click here for the template.From your Possible Solutions, you will select ONE possible solution to test. Note: You may not be able to test… This is where the research becomes CRITICAL. Has this worked somewhere else and why?Describe how you will fully implement this solution. (Since you are not able to actually implement this in an organization you will need to rely on summarizing the research to support your effort). Please be sure to include a minimum of TWO credible sources.InstructionsDiscuss the rapid experiments and pilots you tested. Your brainstorming likely came up with several. You will want to select the best one to test and have a backup plan if it does not work.Now that you have identified the “best” solution, discuss what is left to do to implement the solution(s) throughout the organization.Please include a timeline for the implementation process.RequirementsYour responses to the items below should be thorough, well-conceived college-level responses that are free of spelling and grammar errors.Write your answers in complete sentences.You must justify your responses with facts and details from the readings and research, and with your conclusions.Be sure to cite your source(s) using APA. (It is not necessary to format your assignment using APA); however, please create a reference page.Create your assignment in a Microsoft Word document

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