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: Food Science

: Food Science

Part 1
Conduct a review of literature on enzymatic browning. Your review should include a minimum of two reputable sources, with one of them being a recent article (last 5 years) from a peer-reviewed journal.
Include both your resources and lab results in your answers to the following questions in order to support your explanations and defend your conclusions. Be sure to include references in APA format, both in the body of your text and as a separate reference page at the end.
1. Describe the process of enzymatic browning.
2. List ways that enzymatic browning can be prevented and why is each one effective.
3. Explain why fruits brown when bruised, even when the skin is intact.
4. Why is that bananas mixed with cubed oranges in a fruit cup do not turn brown?
5. A catering company must set up a cheese & fruit tray for a party. The fruit that will be sliced are Red Delicious apples. Which treatment would work the best for keeping the fruit from turning brown during the part and why?

Part 2
1. What effects does acid have on poached eggs appearance?
2. How long should an egg be poached in order to insure microbiologically safe egg?
3. What causes the green ring around the yolk of the egg? What is the name of the ring and how can it be avoided?
4. Discuss the effect of cooking method on the flavor and the caloric content of fried eggs.
5. Distinguish between scrambled eggs, French omelet and puffy omelet.
6. What is the difference in the appearance and flavor of scrambled eggs and eggbeaters?
7. Compare the nutrition differences between scrambled eggs and eggbeaters?
8. What precautions should be taken with using the microwave when cooking eggs? What effect does heat have on the quality of cooked egg?

Part 3
Discuss the general steps usually followed to manufacture cheese.

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