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Final paper on anti religion with focus on Scientology

Final paper on anti religion with focus on Scientology

Write a five page paper, double space, on anti religion focusing on Scientology. The paper will be graded for both content and spelling and grammar. Establish a thesis paragraph  and then present intelligent arguments. 
Important things to keep in mind (make sure you address all of these points):
1. Be sure to include a clearly stated thesis statement in your opening paragraph (i.e. “The purpose of this paper is to….”).

2. The specific style to use is MLA format and needs to be consistent throughout.

3. Avoid using stilted, grandiose openings for your papers such as “From the dawn of time” or “Humans have always searched for….” These are overworked and academically useless claims.

4. Avoid citing dictionary definitions: “According to Oxford dictionary….”  No!  Dictionaries are not academically authoritative.  They provide only the most generic, frequently used meanings of words.  In academics, the specific academic discipline determines the meaning of words, as refined by the experts in the field.

5. Argue a specific point (i.e. your paper needs to be focused, not generic).

6. Meet the length requirement of the assignment (five pages).  Points will be deducted for not doing so.  Do not exceed five pages.

7. Edit your work: check for grammar, spelling, etc., because this is a writing-intensive course.

8. Don’t just state your opinions.  There’s no academic benefit to stating opinions.  You need to build an objective, reason-based position with evidence that supports your conclusion.

9. When the original instructions state that there are no right or wrong answers, that can be potentially misleading.  There are correct and incorrect facts.  If you make numerous factually inaccurate claims, then that may result in a lowered score, because factually accurate information is what demonstrates expertise of a given topic.  There are no “right or wrong answers” only to the extent that there’s no requirement to argue from any particular position.  What matters is how well you accurately explain the relevant factual content and support your position in the ways already described above.

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