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: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Food Safety in Carmichael House Catering Operations

: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Food Safety in Carmichael House Catering Operations

In this assignment please add the pictures which has been taken from CARMICAEL HOUSE IN IRELAN and mention the good point and bad point regarding the food safety standard :
The instructions :

Scope: This project is being conducted as part of theDIT’s Community Based Learning initiative.

Length: Maximum 10 pages in total. The submission should include:

1. Assessment of the effectiveness of Management of the food facility in the context of the whole site/organization.

2. Review the physical layout of the current operations and suggest improvements (within the structural limitations) in the way food preparation is organised.

3. Assess the degree of compliance of the prerequisites as they currently operate (within the constraints of this listed building) against IS 340:2007;Please classify the seriousness (Critical/Major/Minor) of any non-compliances and recommend improvements.
Remember this is a charity and has almost no capital budget

4. Develop or adapt an existing flow chart for very simple food safety controls that would maintain or increase food safety and provide sufficient but not excessive records for three types of food production:
• Sandwiches made from bought in ready to eat foods including precooked meats.
• Warm Ready to Eat foods including toasted sandwiches, paninnis, and home madevegetarian soups.
• Shepherds Pie and Lasagne made in house from fresh and or frozen raw ingredients

Please do not attempt to specify detailed requirements for Pre-requisites. Refer to an appropriate published source for details. We are far more interested in your view of how to maximize food safety for the three scenarios on a shoestring budget.
Unless you specify otherwise, we will take it we have your agreement to pass on extracts from your assessment material or parts thereof to the staff of Carmichael House following the examination procedures, without further permission.

References/ Recommended reading:
• IS 340:2007
• www.fsai.ie/publications Food safety management system based on principles of HACCP
• www.fsai.ie/publications Guide to Food Safety Training level 1, Level 2
• Legislation: EC 178/2002; EC 852/2004; SI 369/2006.
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