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English paper

English paper

You must have read the book The Passion According to G.H. By clarice Lispector. 

The Passion According to G.H. By Clarice Lispector Short-Answer 
Please answer the following questions in two or three thoughtful paragraphs. Your response should show patient, thoughtful, and creative engagement. You’re invited to pose insightful questions as crucial elements of your response. I also encourage you to read the context surrounding the quotations, where provided, to help you articulate your answers, though doing so is not expressly required. 
Responses should be typed and double-spaced. Due in class May 1st. 
1) “Besides which ‘psychology’ never interested me. The psychological viewpoint made me impatient and still does, and it’s an instrument that merely trespasses” (17). What do you think she means? Do you consider this book a psychological portrait or something else? Why? 
2) “I looked at the living roach and was discovering inside it the identity of my deepest life” (51-52). Discuss her sense of a deeper life here, and why she’s able to discover it through the roach in particular. 
3) “Everything here is the elegant, ironic, and witty replica of a life that never existed anywhere: my house is a merely artistic creation” (22). 
This character seems to have a problem with art, though we know she is a sculptor. What’s does she find wrong with things like elegance, irony, or wit, or as expressed elsewhere, “good taste?”
4) Discuss one other quotation of your choosing from the last third of the book that helps you elaborate on G.H.’s situation and what she learns, or that you may otherwise want to discuss philosophically/creatively. This quotation and response should address something different than what’s covered in questions 1-3, and shouldn’t be a quotation or passage that’s been covered in class. Please provide a page number for what you reference.

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