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english 101

english 101

You may complete each end-of-the-week research and reflection journal anytime after Friday’s class and before Monday’s class. I’d like you to spend about an hour on this assignment: To earn full credit, please read the instructions carefully and fulfill all of the expectations. Starting this week, work that does not fulfill all of the expectations will earn a maximum of half credit. I have high expectations for all of you, and I am looking forward to your best work!
The goals of this assignment are:
1) to help you make sense of and remember the important elements of our week’s work so you can build on that knowledge throughout the quarter,
2) to help Mary understand what you understand and what you are confused about,
3) to offer you regular practice in summarizing, analyzing and responding to sources.
There are two parts to this assignment each week:
A. First you will spend about 20 minutes reflecting on the work we did, in and outside of the classroom. This first week, you received your first paper assignment on Monday and we used assignment analysis questions from our online textbook, About Writing: A Guide, to carefully examine the assignment expectations. On Wednesday, you explored the websites of two resources that will help us better understand challenges that community colleges face: The Community College Research Center and the American Association of Community Colleges. On Friday, we talked about what it means to evaluate information or things using specific evaluation criteria: We thought about how we logically evaluate things in our real lives, such as classes and cars,using specific criteria in order to make informed decisions. 
1. What did you find most useful and interesting about class this week?
2. What did you find most confusing?
To earn full credit, you need to explain yourself carefully in a full well-explained paragraph of at least 300 words.
B. Second,you will continue to evaluating sources to prepare you for the annotated bibliography assignment. 
1. Read the the article on whether college students should be required to buy textbooks.
2. Pick at least evaluation questions from the TCC library evaluation guidelines to answer about the source/article.
3. Write a paragraph of at least 250 words evaluating strengths and weaknesses of the source by answering the questions and explaining your answers carefully.
Please begin your paragraph with a topic sentence like this: Overall, ___________________ (article title) by ________________ (author’s full name) is or is not (you decide) a credible source.
ll credit, your work needs to meet the expectations of this assignment and your paragraph must be at least 250 words — more if fine. You will receive at most half credit if your work doesn’t meet those expectations.

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