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: Diversity

: Diversity

I need help with my admission essay to the business school. I’m having trouble writing the second essay, so i’ll really appreciate it if you’re able to come up with a creative answer to the prompt. PLEASE read the prompt carefully and note the part that says “describe your thought process in forming a plan (not your actual plan)”.

The leadership team of Company A has recently read “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter.” (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-diversity-makes-us-smarter/) As a result of reading this article, the leadership team has committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive leadership team. Consider a plan that the team should take to achieve this goal. In 500-700 words, describe your thought process in forming a plan (not your actual plan).
Questions that you may want to consider as you share your thought process:
– What factors should the team consider in working to meet this goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive leadership team?
– What ideas do you have to address the goal?
– What action items would the team take?
– What questions should the team ask of each other? Of other employees?
– How could the leadership team work to create buy-in from current employees?

This is very important to me as it’s my last chance to apply and get into the school.

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