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Discussion response:

Discussion response:

When responding to your peers, be sure to connect on both personal and theoretical level by reacting to what was said, supporting your reactions with scholarly sources (e.g., your textbook), and identifying potential additional concepts or communication strategies to consider. End your responses with open-ended questions to extend conversations.

(Student response) How to Lead and empower ourselves and those around us is not something that is easy to find in reading or to learn about. This is something that we mainly learn though experience, but after reading this chapter I have learned so much more than I have ever learned though anyone that I have seen lead and even from the knowledge that I thought I had. Leadership is a relationship, it is influence, it is the ability to see a situation and know how to approach (Janasz 460).
                To lead is to do many things and it is significantly different from managing. You may manage something, but you lead people. You show them the way to go and how to get there. Empowerment and delegation are two of those ways. If we empower those around us, then we are allowing for a better environment, and building better employees within the company. This gives people a feeling of achievement and belonging (Janasz 465). Independence, ownership, purpose, growth, and voice are only a few things that that come with promoting growth within your employees. To empower we much delegate or in other words assigning people to a rightful task of their own. Delegation leads to health work environments and that is what the goal will always be (473).
                Working with the current s company that I am in has showed me what very different leadership levels can do to the employees. Working with someone who has no sense of control led the store to failure, horrible team work, and trouble between others. With the new management that we that has changed the rules and delegates tasks to everyone and made it a mission that we stick to them, has brought out those that are actually there to work and do there job, and those that will not last much longer.
                After this reading I have learned a few things about leading, empowering and, delegating, that will help me in the future when I gain the leadership role that I will obtain. Knowing how to empower and lead others is a trait that not everyone carries, but they are something that I will learn and build the same traits within others when I get the chance to. “You can not teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself”, Galileo.
Word Count: 391
Janasz, S., Dowd, K., & Schneider, B. (2019). Interpersonal Skills in Organization (6th ed.). New, New York: McGraw-Hill.

Respond to the previous stated post of this student subject is (Leading and empowering self and others).

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