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Discussion for Ethical Leadership.

Discussion for Ethical Leadership.

When we select a leader for a political office or for an organization, we typically look at the person’s track record and assume that if that person has been honest in the past, he or she will be honest in the future. We often assume that we can judge a person’s future moral behavior by his or her past moral behavior. Because leaders are also imperfect humans, they have moral weakness too. Leaders are supposed to model the virtues of their society or organization. It should be said, then, that every virtue causes its possessors to be in a good state and to perform their functions well. 
Leadership is the ability to guide and provide direction to the organization. Where management is to supervise and keep things submissive to certain regulations. Management and leadership share similar aspects, however they are used in different ways. Leaders have aspects that include “strong organizational skills, a charismatic personality, an eclectic approach to problem solving a strategic vision for his people, and a person of high moral character”
When you are looking at the management aspect you are not leading the people you are managing them. A manager has the right to manage people, meaning the people already know how to do their job. Your job as a manager is to supervise them doing the job they already know how to do. 
People can possess all the qualities that go with both Management and Leadership. It is the way they use these qualities that make them different. A leader can possess the qualities of a manager and a manager can possess the qualities of leader.
Covey, S. R. (1991). Principle-Centered Leadership. New York: Free Press.

Please answer these questions. 
1) Identify the general strategies for practical application of situational theories of leadership. Please provide an example illustrating how this should be done.  
2) If a manager is a good leader, does that make them a more effective manager?

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