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Discuss America’s Cold War policy or strategy aimed at dea

Discuss America’s Cold War policy or strategy aimed at dealing with communism and the Soviet threat, and an example of a Cold War conflict or crisis. Identify one or two Cold War strategies of the US. Describe a specific example of a conflict or crisis that was part of this Cold War strategy, and compare or contrast this to the international situation today.Identify the source(s) where you read about these Cold War issues.Discuss the Civil Rights advances and struggles that took place in the 1950s and 1960s along with relevant legal developments. Identify two key specific events of the Civil Rights struggle and at least one major piece of legislation or court decision.Explain the historical significance of your examples and ways they have impacted our own time. Identify the source(s) where you read these Civil Rights issues.No plagiarism for the discussion. Tutor needs to use own words as I will check for plagiarism

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