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Critical Thinking Application JournalInstructions:Choose two

Critical Thinking Application JournalInstructions:Choose two concepts from the chapter of book and summarize each concept thoroughly, then apply these concept to a real world situation. Make sure it is in an essay format.An easier way to write this journal would be to start with:Introduction- introduce your two concepts and how you are going to apply them to a real world situation.Concept 1- Summarize thoroughly and cite the book.Apply concept 1 through critical thinking skillsConcept 2- Summarize thoroughly and cite the bookApply concept 2 through critical thinking skillsConclusion- Close with telling us what concepts you chose. Each concept should be one or two sentences. Each concept application should be at least one sentence and how you applied them.Make sure to cite your work in MLA or APA format. Use 12 point font. Double Space your paper. Each bullet point in this document should be different paragraphs. There is no page requirement as long as you do all of the above parts of the journal.One way to cite the book in APA would beFloyd (2017) states that plagiarism “which means using information from another source without giving proper credit to that source.”Intellectual theft in several different ways including global theft, patchwork theft, and incremental theft (Floyd, 2017).You do not have to use APA for these journals. MLA is fine with me. Always remember to cite anytime you use an idea that is not widely known.

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