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Create an ADR clause that arise out of contract between two

Create an ADR clause that arise out of contract between two business owners.Party A, the seller, is a farm supplier of power equipment (tractors, mowers etc…) Besides equipment, they also have their own brand of other farm supplies which are unrelated to poer equipment such as fertilizers, sprays etc…Party B is the Farmer (Buyer).They have contracted a 2 year deal in which Farmer, Party B, is to purchase all farm products exclusively from Party A.Unfortunately, the contract is poorly written and does not state a minimum of what the farmer must buy and whether the buyer is contracted to buy mostly power equipment or other farm products.For the purposes of this example, assume the contract is valid.You are tasked with creating an ADR clause to resolve any and all disputes that could arise out of this contract.In your paper:(1) Identify all possible disputes among the parties that will be subject to ADR clause you are going to create.(2) Include all provisions and the necessary steps that need to be taken in order for ADR to occur.(3) Give two possible ADR methods to resolve the dispute. Define these ADR methods and explain how they will be used in this example.The minimum word count is 1,000 words.

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