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Create an 8-12-slide PowerPoint presentation about substance

Create an 8-12-slide PowerPoint presentation about substance use and addictive disorders. Include the following in your presentation:A title slideThe current rates of substance use (percentages of use in your community and nationally) for alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy, and LSD.Current drug trends in regards to ages and states for the drugs listedHow being a minority affects substance useAge of onset or age of first use for each drug and why it mattersWhen a parent or caregiver should worry about drug use (is some experimentation okay?)The impact of adolescent substance use on the developing brain per brain imaging studies.The role family plays in regards to substance use and addictive disordersWhich disorders have a high comorbidity rate and whyTreatment optionsDetailed speaker notes that represent what you would say if giving the presentation in-personA reference slide with a minimum of three scholarly resources

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