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Consider a technology in the Mechanical Engineering field in

Consider a technology in the Mechanical Engineering field invented outside of the U.S.(a) Describe the cultural and social factors in that country that led to this technology’s invention.(b) Describe how this invention has evolved and influenced the culture of the U.S.Format: APA, double space, minimum word count:500, 2 references from the above sources or outside sources. (Links to an external site.)Inventions that Shook the World Part 1 – Discovery…P.S. I provide some links to give you some ideas how the inventions change the society.please don’t pick any topics from the links.400 words is ok if the writing is decent.Please choose the invention in the Mechanical Engineering field that was invented outside of the U.S.some inventions I can think about would be train, car, and bike. They were all founded in German and have had great impact in the U.S. Feel free to choose your favorite invention that meets the requirements.

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