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CMGT 555 Wk 5 DQ 2

CMGT 555 Wk 5 DQ 2

When developing new systems, teams tend to focus on understanding the requirements of the system at the start of the project. Until requirements are known, it’s hard to understand design and development components. Beyond this, testing is an essential part of any systems project, no matter what SDLC is applied.
When do you think a project team should plan for testing? Provide a justification behind your position. Who do you think is the best resource(s) to conduct testing activities, and why?

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider providing other resources for conducting testing activities.


When building a project, I feel that testing should be all throughout the entire process, however the main testing really should be done right before roll out to the live floor. The reason I say this is because after all the requirements are met, someone has to make sure that everything works, and maybe even try the program live before the program is uploaded to the computer for the rest of the company to use. I also feel that the people that should be be a group of random employees that already work the front lines of the company. Why, well because they are the people that will be using the program the most. They will be learning and knowing the ends and outs and finding what works faster for them to do their jobs. The will be able to find the broken pieces a lot faster than anyone that just got done building the projects.

PEER 2   

Testing should be done throughout the entire project. It starts with the developer testing their own work as they are developing.  The next step is to send it ideally to at least 2 other peers who have a good understanding of what it is you are working on. Have them go through it and test the deeper knowledge things (looking at code, comments, best practices, etc.) to ensure it is working as you expect it to. Then give it to 2-3 people who have no idea what it is that you are working on. Let them go through it and see if
1.They can get through it 
2.They get the results that you expect
3.See if they can break it. 
Along with testing I think that providing testing procedures or some sort of documentation is also important. Some kinds of projects such as websites where you might be testing the User Experience you don’t want direction on how to test. You want to know how intuitive it is. But for other projects that have to work in a very specific way or under specific circumstances you should be providing direction. 
I mentioned this in our last discussion, but regression testing is also essential when developing an upgrade to an existing system. You absolutely MUST make sure that new code works seamlessly with the existing code.
In my work we do all of this, and then do a formal test in front of our customer so that they know they are getting a quality product.

PEER 3     

Good Day.
When do you think a project team should plan for testing? Definitely at the beginning, in the middle, and even at the end and after development. This precludes forgetting important aspects of the product in development, as well as contingencies involved during the conception, development, and production phases. In planning for testing the project team is working to avoid pitfalls, missed concepts, as well as integrating essential details, which would include system checks, programming compatibility and capability, etc…
Who do you think is/are the best resource(s) to conduct testing activities, and why? The development team, programmers, and project managers would more than likely be some of the best resources to conduct testing activities due to the inherent knowledge and skillsets of their positions. Independently and in team efforts each of these resources have contributions to make to the overall testing.

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