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Choose 2 of the following essay questions to address. Write

Choose 2 of the following essay questions to address. Write one paragraphs for each question response.1. Discuss how control is achieved through participant selection and participant assignment. Discuss the practical use of the random number table in this process.2. Discuss the advantages of using random sampling and random assignment3. How is control achieved through experimental design? What are the objectives of a sound experimental design4. Review Campbell and Stanley’s (1963) threats to internal validity in Chapter 7. How can each threat be controlled?5. Identify the limitations associated with the pretest-posttest control group design.6. What are the characteristics of a true experiment?7. Apply a Solomon four-group design to test the effects of mentoring at-risk youth to improve their motivation to achieve. Why is the Solomon four-group design advantageous during the interpretation of results? How does this design8. How is control related to the logic of experimentation?

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