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Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 in the TextbookPowerPoints attache

Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 in the TextbookPowerPoints attached below for Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 QUESTION 1According to this chapter, a factor that escalates the potential for suicide is an affective disorder accompanied with _____A.rageB.panicC.shameD.conflict1 points QUESTION 2Atypical depression is frequently the diagnosis for many adult children of alcoholics. True False1 points QUESTION 3According to the resiliency factors as described by the Wolins, _____ is a push for mastery that combats the feelings of helplessness troubled families produce in their offspring. A.insightB.independenceC.creativityD.initiative1 points QUESTION 4Which of the following is true of major depression? A.It is found more often with co-occurring substance abuse than other types of affective disordersB.It is a mood disorder of longer term than dysthymic disorder.C.The episodes of major depression last for a maximum period of two weeksD.It is a depressive syndrome that may occur as a single episode or as repeated episodes over the years.1 points QUESTION 5Prevention efforts for people of color and other minorities must beA.focused on targeting the liquor industry and their marketing practices.B.delivered in the vernacular of the neighborhood.C.focused on providing access to information system rather than addressing prejudice or racism based.1 points QUESTION 6Which of the following did successful prevention approaches in the 1980’s includA.Coping skillsB.All of theseC.Converting approachesD.Drug-specific information1 points QUESTION 7Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy. True False1 points QUESTION 8Organic depression can occur as a result of head injuries, nutritional deficiencies, and physical illness. True False1 points QUESTION 9Which of the following abilities allows an individual to feel empoweredA.The ability to be aware of what one feels and communicating those feelings to othersB.The ability to establish the core aspects of a sense of selfC.The ability to say no when that is what one feels and wantsD.The ability to establish integrity in relationshipsE.All of these1 points QUESTION 10What differentiates various types of affective (feeling) disordersA.All of theseB.SeverityC.DurationD.FrequencyE.Precipitating factors1 points QUESTION 11In order for alternative activities to be successful, the alternative activities need to be: A.of short duration and attainable.B.within the skill level and resources of an individual.C.acceptable, attractive, and attainable.D.consistent with the function of the drug it replaces.1 points QUESTION 12According to the chapter, identify the age group with the highest rate of serious mental illness (SMI).A.Age group 14–17B.Age group 18–25C.Age group 26–49D.Age group 50–65E.Age group 65–801 points QUESTION 13Identify a factor that is associated with risk behaviors. A.Less educationB.High incomeC.Internal locus of controlD.Strong ethnic identity1 points QUESTION 14Which of the following is an early prevention approach that didn’t work?A.Scare tacticsB.Preaching tacticsC.All of theseD.Converting programs1 points QUESTION 15Borderline personality disorder is a personality disorder that has a marked instability of mood and is characterized by intense interpersonal attachments. True FalseASSIGMENT 2:According to Minkoff co-occurring disorders should be the “expectation not the exception”. What did he mean by this statement? Your posting should be a minimum of one hundred (100) words. You will need to post your response before you are able to view your classmates’ posts. You are required to read all of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates. Your replies to your classmate should be substantive, at least fifty (50) wordsASSIGNMENT 3:Please use the text box of this Journal link to enter your Weekly Diary response. Please comment on a real life experience that relates to the required readings or any of the material in this Unit. Be sure your answer is complete and at least at least a couple of chunky paragraphs (Five (5) to Ten (10) sentences per paragraph).

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