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Book Review Each student is required to write one review (ar

Book Review Each student is required to write one review (around 1200 words) on one of the books listedbelow. The review should be submitted prior to Nov 14’s class. Early submission is allowed; latesubmission will be penalized (a day = 1% of the total grade). Here are a few tips of how towrite a good book review:1. Read the book thoroughly and take notes2. Determine the major themes of the book and the author’s chief argument3. Consider the evidence provided by the author to support his or her argument4. Think about whether you agree or disagree with the author’s argument and why45. Find materials to support your opinion* Note that in this class, we focus on the argument laid out in the book you choose and/orthe facts and evidence presented by the author, instead of the book’s genre or the author’swriting style* The review should be written in English no matter what source you use* Bonus points will be given to an additional book review (up to 5% of the total grade).If you decide to write two reviews, one of the two books you choose has be written inEnglish. All reviews need to be written in English.You may use additional sources of information, but each review should be mainly about one ofthe books listed blow. If you have a book you’re particularly fond of, please let me know and I’llconsider adding it to the list.another file is example

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