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Ashley Claire

Ashley Claire

Literature Review + Annotated Bibliography
1.  Using the suggestions in Chapter 5 in Academic Research and Writing, locate at least eight to ten (8-10) credible sources on your contemporary problem/topics from  the Pearson Writer “Find A Source” tool. 
2.  The following databases are recommended, but there are many databases to which you might refer:
a.  Gale Virtual Reference Library (for background information)
b.  Sage eReference (for background information)
c.  Pop Culture Universe
d.  eBook Collections (EBSCOhost)
e.  Opposing Viewpoints in Context
f.  CQ Researcher
g.  Academic Search Complete
h.  Newspaper Source
i.  Proquest Databases and Newspapers
3.  Collect your sources and evaluate them for relevance and reliability — use Chapter 2 (especially, pp. 27-44 in Academic Research and Writing as a guide to this process
4.  Using the process outlined on pp. 44 in Academic Research and Writing; make sure to focus on gathering the central claims, argument/evidence as well as ascertain the relevance and reliability of the source for your specific needs and topic
1.  Review pp. 112-117 (sample of an annotated bibliography) and pp. 121-122 (guidelines for writing a literature review) in Academic Research and Writing
2.  Select 6-8 sources minimum – you may exceed this limit — formatted in MLA or APA style
3.  In one document, compose a literature review and annotated bibliography that is/includes:
4.  Literature Review: Three to four paragraphs, at the beginning of the page, which includes statements about/that:
a.  Your topic, with a definition or relevant contextual information
b.  Your hypothesis or central preliminary claim
c.  Your approach to and the significance of the topic to your audience, i.e., me, your classmates and members of your community
d.  Connections between your topic and tentative argumentative thesis statement
e.  Sources, which discuss the connections among them either thematically or topically, not by individual sources
f.  Maintain the context and summarizes to the content from the beginning of the review
5.  Annotated Bibliography: For each source, you must provide a citation in MLA style — see pp. 206-229 in Academic Research and Writing, depending on the style selected
6.  For each citation, you must include an annotation of five to nine sentences
7.  Each annotation should include:
a.  A summary of the central claim and evidence/argument of the source
b.  An evaluation of the effectiveness, clarity and relevance of the source (to your research interests)
c.  A clear statement of how you plan to use this source in your research paper
8.  The entire submission must be in either MLA or APA document style
9.  Review carefully Chapter 6 in Academic Research and Writing for an example and specific guidance on the process
Hint: For support on completing the annotated bibliography, see the following:
1.  http://guides.library.cornell.edu/annotatedbibliography;
2.  http://lib.skidmore.edu/library/index.php/li371-annotated-bib;
3.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nW0swv5Mzs;
4.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPhWhRlEWtI (APA formatted); and,
(MLA formatted).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbpqcomLmt0

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