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Art in Context Choose one art work from an in person experie

Art in Context Choose one art work from an in person experience, and NOT from seeing the art in a book, or Internet. Provide an image of the artwork- it can be a selfie or just the art, but it MUST be taken by you and not from the Internet. Be considerate of the arts location….If it’s in a public space, it’s site specific. Relate this back to your selected artwork and how the artwork appears to be related to the location.ArtistTitle of work, date, size, medium, and subject matterLocation of the art (city, neighborhood)First glance (What caught your eye?)How are the elements applied in the work? (chapter 2 terms)How does the overall composition relate a meaning and/or function to you?What is around the work (next to, behind, above, nearby, etc.)?What is your personal interpretation? How do you feel about it?ATTACHMENTSimg_4675.jpgimg_4676.jpgimg_4677.jpgimg_4680.jpgimg_4681.jpg

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