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Argumentative essay

Argumentative essay

Your argumentative essay will need to be between four (full) to six pages in length.
You must address a debatable ethical issue that has at least two sides (email me for topics)
Effectively address the rhetorical situation – audience, purpose, context
articulate a clear position regarding the issue and argue that position with logical reasons
adequately develop the argument using credible support (research)
acknowledge the opposing viewpoints and employ counterargument or concession
identify and explain the assumptions, contexts, and consequences of the various positions.
Utilize at least 5 credible sources – from scholarly databases, books, etc. (no google or dot com sources)
MLA formatting

This essay must be 4-6 pages in MLA format. You are asked to engage in some research with a minimum 5 outside sources. Pick a topic that you are interested in exploring and writing about.
In this Essay you MUST make an argument/ claim. 
Here is a short video to explain the concept of a “claim.”


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