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Architecture and Language, Expression & Communication As La

Architecture and Language, Expression & Communication As Language can be defined as a method of communication that uses a certain elements and patterns in a conventional way. It can be argued that Architecture in its processes of placing things in relation to the world with a sense of proportion and harmony is a language of its own that is full of Expressions and communications. You are required to: Discuss the Theme “Architecture and Language, Expression & Communication”.Give Deferent definitions related to the subject, if there are an array of deferent definitions for the same subject please discuss them.Explain and Express your opinion, how Architecture & Language is Related.Give an Example related to the subject.The Assignment length is one paper (if there are Pictures Extend to Two Papers).Submission method: one Soft copy on Blackboard and one hard copy submitted to the instructor.Your paper will be part of an open discussion in the class at the day of submission. Please note the Following:

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