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APA Assignment Instructions Write a summary paragraph and

APA Assignment Instructions Write a summary paragraph and an evaluation paragraph for each source. Topics must be from one of the following categories: Include a title pageInclude a reference page with correct APA formattingInclude the first page of the journal article, the face and copy right page from the book, and a screen shot of the website.The body of the paper will have a minimum of six paragraphs along with an introduction and conclusion paragraph.One paragraph summarizing one journal articleOne paragraph evaluating that same journal articlePeer reviewed nursing research journal articles onlyLess than 5 years oldNO editorials or opinionsIn-text citation should be reflected in each paragraphNursing journals onlyUnited States onlyOne paragraph summarizing one book chapter (do not use your textbook and non-fiction only)One paragraph evaluating that same book chapterLess than 5 years oldIn-text citation should be reflected in each paragraphOne paragraphs summarizing a websiteOne paragraph evaluating that same website Less than 5 years oldOnly valid websitesIn-text citation should be reflected in each paragraphDo NOT summarize or evaluate a single article from a website. You need to summarize/evaluate the website as a whole.Writing should be scholarly and reflect correct: spelling, grammar, word choice, APA formatting and punctuation.Electronically submit all materials combined in a single document. Submit this combined file on Blackboard via Turnitin.Due on designated date per calendar. 5-point reduction per day including weekends for late submission. Remember this assignment places a heavy emphasis on APA format so be sure to use your APA manual, Purdue Owl and the Moody Library etc. Leadership Politics EBP in nursing school

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