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Answer the following questions. Apx 150 words each Be concis

Answer the following questions. Apx 150 words each Be concise and effective with your answers! #1. Recall your best and worst boss, supervisor, or leader in the past. (both questions can be answered in one paragraph) 1) Analyze your best one: Among Legitimate, Reward, Coercive, Referent, and Expert Power, which one do you think s/he exerts most frequently? Provide at least one example in which s/he utilized that power over you or other people. Simple example, easy to relate to. 2) Analyze your worst one: Among the five powers above, which one do you think your worst leader exerts most frequently? Provide an example too! Simple example, easy to relate to. #2. Recall your favorite leader that you described in Week 4 Class Discussion (I talked about Obama) (where you analyzed his/her Big Five personalities). Among Trait, Behavior, Contingency, Transformational, and Transactional, and Authentic models of leadership, which one describes his or her leadership the best? # 3. In your current or past organization, recall a practice which was designed to make the organization more ethical, if any (e.g., related training, education, newsletter, speech from CEO, conversation with managers, etc.) (please pick a simple example that is realistic and easy to relate to) Describe the practice and how it worked (successful or useless?) If it didn’t work well (so most employees ignored it), suggest how to improve it.

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