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Annotated Bibliography for the following articles:My resear

Annotated Bibliography for the following articles:My research topic is “Building Community Resilience Through Developing Volunteer Capabilities to Assist in Disaster Management in Saudi Arabia”Community resilience:What Do We Mean by ‘Community Resilience’? A Systematic Literature Review of How It Is Defined in the Literature Study on Community’s Perception on Disaster Resilience Concept community resilience towards disaster: The contributing factors of school-community collaborative network in the tsunami affected area in Aceh and disaster:Applying cultural values to encourage disaster preparedness: Lessons from a low-hazard country Impact of culture on community resilience in natural disaster situations: Margit Raich of culture towards disaster risk reduction impact pathways from religious belief to public disaster response: Findings from a literature review Club Presentation for the following article:A Qualitative Analysis of the Spontaneous Volunteer Response to the 2013 Sudan Floods: Changing the Paradigm

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