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According to Uses and Gratifications, we choose to use a par

According to Uses and Gratifications, we choose to use a particular medium of communication because it fulfills certain needs. Choose one specific medium of communication other than the telephone and address the following question:What needs and gratifications are satisfied when you use medium X to communicate with a loved one (e.g., significant other, partner, family member)? Please choose one medium amongst the following options (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Texting, Chat, Video Games, etc.)How might this particular medium affect how you interact (and don’t/can’t interact) with the person(s) you are communicating with? (1-2 paragraphs total)Part II. Turkle addresses (see Chapters 9 & 10 but note that this theme is present throughout the second half of her book) ‘presentation anxiety.’ Provide two personal experiences that highlight the ‘dark side’ (or unexamined sides) to the hyperpersonal advantages of editability, ansynchronicity, re-allocation of cognitive resources, etc. (see Wright & Webb, Ch. 3, pp. 45-onward & Walther, Ch. 14, p. 460). (1-2 paragraphs total).Textbook: Turkle, Ch. 10Textbook: Wright & Webb, Ch. 3Griffin, A First Look at Communication Theory: Ch. 28 – Uses and GratificationsAfter completing this week’s readings, respond to the questions below.Reflect on a recent disclosure dilemma in which you sought to manage private information by attempting to negotiate the concealment-revelation dialectical tension. In particular, focus on a recent situation in which you revealed/concealed a personal health situation, family situation, or relational situation to peers or superiors at work.Which privacy rule criterion (cultural, gendered, motivational, contextual, risk-benefit ratio) was most influential in helping to determine your own privacy rules? Why? Please provide at least one example to illustrate how this privacy rule criterion affected your privacy management decision(s). (1-2 paragraphs)How did your choice of disclosure medium (i.e., Facebook, CaringBridge, face-to-face, email, etc.) affect boundary coordination? Address at least two boundary issues (i.e., boundary linkages, ownership, permeability, or turbulence) in your response and provide an example to illustrate each. (1-2 paragraphs).Textbook: Wright & Webb, Ch. 2Baxter & Braithwaite, Ch. 23

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