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________________________________ Date: _____________________________ NOTE: 3D Animation – Cellular Respiration Or, copy and paste this URL into your…

________________________________ Date: _____________________________ NOTE: 3D Animation – Cellular Respiration Or, copy and paste this URL into your…

1. Define metabolism 2. What is cellular respiration? 3. What four products of macronutrient digestion are used in cellular respiration? (HINT: Carbohydrates are absorbed as _____ , lipids are absorbed as _________ _________ and ______, and Proteins are absorbed as ________). 4. Define glycolysis. 5. Where in the cell does glycolysis occur? 6. Is glycolysis aerobic or anaerobic? 7. What are the products of glycolysis? 8. Define ATP 9. Where in the cell is the citric acid cycle? 10. What are the products of the citric acid cycle? 11. All carbons, hydrogens and oxygens in pyruvate ultimately end up as _________, and water (H2O). 12. The electrons produced by the citric acid cycle go to the ________ _________ ______. 13. Energy released in the final stage of cellular respiration is used to produce _____. 14. Where does the final stage of cellular respiration occur? 15. Where in the cell is the majority of ATP produced? 16. How many ATP molecules are ultimately produced per glucose molecule that enters the cell? 17. If amino acids are used for energy they must first undergo the process of ______________. 18. Fatty acids must be converted to _________ to enter into the citric acid cycle 19. Without oxygen the only macronutrient that will produce ATP is _________. 20. With oxygen, all macronutrient products produce a 2 carbon molecule called ____________. 21. What must be present for maximum amount of ATP to be produced in cellular metabolism?

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