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900 words minimum (about 3 pages; not counting bibliography

900 words minimum (about 3 pages; not counting bibliography or title page), double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, 1 inch margin on all sides. The format of these papers should be in Chicago, APA, or MLA style. The general structure of the paper should be in basic essay format: introduction, body, and conclusion. Be very careful to cite your sources; this is a research paper. Only primary sources are allowed – no secondary sources whatsoever. Your papers should be turned in electronically (via Blackboard) with your full name in the filename of the document followed by “first paper” (for example, “Francisco Plaza – First Paper.docx” in my case).Objective:In addition to recognizing the logical and rhetorical use of arguments, students will show an ability to present their own counter arguments. In a writing assignment, students will correctly identify and explain the premises and conclusion in the analysis of an argument, and then present a counter argument.

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