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6-8 pages double spaced. Please cite using mla format**talk

6-8 pages double spaced. Please cite using mla format**talk about race and integration or segregation of races within the context of the Elizabeth Browning poem**Thesis: In Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem “The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim Point”, the poet explores the conflicting authority of various creators with one creation undermining another creation. In the poem, we have many creations: the creation of the white-power god, the creation of a nation and its people, the creation of origin or the myth of home, and the creation of life by a mother.Body:God creating race/color Speaker speaks against God “I am black, I am black,/ And yet God made me, they say” (281). Include the story of Canaan that was cursed by Noah. (brief mention). Man creating “liberal” nations/not true for the black person “Where exile turned to ancestor,/ And God was thanked for liberty” (280). The pilgrims creating this god who “Mother creating child- conflicting with race creations/

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