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1) Burch (2008) comments on how the attacks of 9/11 resulted

1) Burch (2008) comments on how the attacks of 9/11 resulted in the largest reorganization of the IC in the past 61 years – since 1947. He refers to how the attack and the blame on the IC for not connecting the dots were due to inefficient collaboration and sharing of information. However, it is well known that the military tends to prepare to fight its next war based on the lessons learned from the last war, which does little good if the enemy changes tactics, such as occurred in Korea and Vietnam. Then again in Afghanistan after the Cold War and the Gulf Wars. I want you to consider how if the IC was really to blame for not connecting the dots or if it was the culture of being ready to fight the Soviets of the world, not terrorists, that caused their missing the mark.Reference:Burch. (2008). ‘The domestic intelligence gap: Progress since 9/11?’. Retrieved from We ever prevent human trafficking crime in the US?3) ‘human trafficking involves the victims being relocated “in areas against their will”, Jones et al. (n.d.) suggests that “there is no single universally accepted definition of trafficking” (p. 110).With this definitional argument laid out, how would you suggest advocates intervene in the somewhere in between definition?

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