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1- AIRMETs are scheduled how many times per day?

1- AIRMETs are scheduled how many times per day?

1- AIRMETs are scheduled how many times per day?Table 6-5, section heights or altitudes are referenced to1.the lowest terrain 2.airport field elevation3.mean sea level unless otherwise noted4.29.92 3-An AIRMET may be issued when any of the following weather phenomena are occurring or expected to occur over an area of at least 3,000 square miles: 1.Ceiling less than 1,000 feet and/or visibility less than 3 statute miles (IFR)2.Widespread mountain obscuration (MTN OBSCN) 3.Moderate turbulence (MOD TURB)4.Sustained surface wind greater than 30 knots (STG SFC WND) 5.Moderate icing (MOD ICE) 6.All of the above 5-An AIRMET specifies weather phenomena at greater intensities than a SIGMETTrue or false?6-The issue (TIME only, no date) for the HNLZWA AIRMET ZULU is __7-What does the WKN on the end of ANCT WA 111945 AIRMET TANGO mean? 1.Wake Turbulence2.Weakening 3.Wake Island 4.West Knot North8-ANCT WA 111945 AIRMET TANGO has MOD TURB BLW __. 9-For the following Questions, use the AIRMET examples. Which of the AIRMETs was issued for MOD ICE RIME? 1.SLCT WA 112045 AIRMET TANGO2.HNLZ WA 111910 AMD AIRMET ZULU3.ANCT WA 111945 AIRMET TANGO10-Match the AIRMET name with the weather phenomenon it covers. 1.describes moderate turbulence, sustained surface winds of 30 knots or greater and non-convective low-level wind shear.2.describes moderate icing and provides freezing level heights3.describes IFR conditions and/or extensive mountain obscurationschoose [ sierra correct answer, zulu correct answer, tango correct answer]

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