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03 MC) Question refers to the excerpt below.

03 MC) Question refers to the excerpt below.

(08.03 MC)Question refers to the excerpt below.Question 1 options:1) sought to fulfill the promises of Reconstruction2) failed to have much impact on social customs in the United States3) elevated the reputation of the South across the nation4) benefited immigrants as much as they did African AmericansQuestion 2 (1 point)(07.04 MC)Question refers to the excerpt below.Question 2 options:1) Other countries did not make an attempt to construct such a weapon.2) It needed a moral advantage in fighting for a peaceful objective.3) The American home front had more resources than enemy nations.4) A majority of brilliant minds capable of building and testing this weapon were in the United States.Question 3 (1 point)(09.01 LC)Which of the following did not contribute to a decline of the public’s trust and confidence in government in the 1970s? (1 point)Question 3 options:1) Economic challenges like stagflation2) Political scandals and corruption3) Failures in foreign policy4) Resurgence of conservatismQuestion 4 (1 point)(09.02 MC)Question refers to the excerpt below.Question 4 options:1) Support for the Contras in Nicaragua2) Peacekeeping efforts in Haiti3) Arms limitation treaty with the Soviet Union4) Invasion of AfghanistanQuestion 5 (1 point)(06.02 MC)Question refers to the excerpt below.Question 5 options:1) The United States established a similar policy in Latin America, allowing all nations to have equal trading and political interests in Latin America.2) Greater autonomy was granted to the Latin American countries, setting a stage for good relations.3) The United States was more proactive in its intervention in the affairs of Latin American countries than it was in the affairs of Asian countries.4) The rights of American citizenship were granted only to immigrants from Latin American countries.Next PagePage 1 of 6

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